Friday, June 5, 2020

Lighting Audits, Reporting, Design & Upgrades

  • Audit existing lighting installations, capturing details including light fitting types, light switching & controls, lamp types, lamp wattage, colour temperature, circuiting, condition, compliance issues & operation.
  • Report on the existing installation & the identification of opportunities to upgrade the lighting. This includes, lighting design services, including selection of light fittings, lamp types, light switching & controls.
  • Assess & report all details of lighting upgrades, including presentation of results on watts / m2, LUX levels, energy savings & associated lighting documentation in CAD.
  • Assessment of costs & electricity savings, including life-cycle costs & return on investment.
  • Management and documentation of application for energy saving schemes, including estimation of energy saving certificates.
  • Design, documentation & installation of upgrades, as well as certification with BCA for watts / m2 & LUX levels with Australian Standards using lighting software programs.